4 comments on “የለመደበት ያሬድ ጥበቡ ከመለስ ጋር ፍቅር እስከ መቃብር አለ፣ አይጠኔ ሆዱን ሁሉ እየተቀበሉ ካንተ ወዲያ ማን መሪያችን፣ አስተማሪያችን ለሚሉ የትላንት ወያኔን ተቃዋሚ ነው ባዮቹ ትምህርት ቢሆናቸው

  1. As one old saying goes ‘our present provides clue to our past’, the perrenial woyane clearly proves his undying loyality to the anti Ethiopian TPLF. Yared was first among woyane mercinaries who betrayed the peoples struggle. The article above is nothing but a ‘job’ application, to be reinstated as a full time woyane functionary. “yadaqone seytan saqes aytewm’ it is amazing once woyane everlastingly woyane.

  2. The scoundrel yared is just saying, ” I wish I were there” He reminds one the pavlovian DOG. yared is a perfect example of melles’ dedebit experiment, a master piece at that. Melles has had ‘conditioned ‘ yared to be what he is and some three decades later he proved he hasn’t failed his creator. Yared salivates whenever he smells/hears any sort of sound that resembles siltan.

  3. Yared ones again proved the fact that those woyane collaborators such as himself, never change. Yared has shown his total disregard and disrespect the people and he worries about the consolidation of woyane so that his masters ‘vision’ be fulfilled. Yared is the detastable and cheapest of all woyane dirts even by the standard of woyane itself. Shame on you if you ever know one! It is sad when a person lives all his life as a saleout, from Anja to woyane cadre … what next?

  4. Nefas

    Kehadiw yared wetat EPRP leweyane jib yasbela,, ahun degmo leytolet abede ende? yihn kemitsef bimot yishalew neber.

    The shameless yared who never learns from his past errors.

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